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|Sponsored| Over the last 5 years, Makers’ Mercantile® has grown to be a favorite of South Seattle fiber enthusiasts and creative makers across the USA. The community-based shop in Kent, Washington, provides ample space for yarns, fabrics, raw fibers and supporting tools – as well as plentiful teaching spaces and a large community area for crafters to spend their days or evenings. The same spirit you will find in the shop is parlayed into the website for a fun and entertaining shopping experience. The creative team at Makers’ takes pride in developing products and ideas that challenge the imagination and fill the world with color.

Each Week in October, You Have a Chance to Win!

Week 1 Prizes from Makers’ Mercantile®

Enter to Win Between Monday,
October 1 – Sunday October 7

Winners Chosen on October 8

(Two Winners Will Be Chosen Weekly, One Winner Per Prize)

Prize 1: Zitron Infinito

One Hank in the Blue Colorway

Gradients are currently all the rage, and Zitron has developed the smoothest transitioning gradient we have seen yet. Creatively titled Infinito, this pure Merino fingering-weight yarn slowly transforms 550 yards from a deep, dark shade of color, to a very light shade of that same color.

Congrats to Laura M., of Warwick, NY!
Enjoy your yarn!

The end result, as you can see here, is stunning! Available in 6 rich colors. One lucky person will get the opportunity to make a fabulous piece on us!

Prize 2: A set of Makers’ Mercantile® Sheep Bowls

Have you herd? We’ve created a Sheep Popcorn Bowl! Shaped like the sheep that roam the hills of New Zealand, our sheep bowl will hold close to a full bag of microwave popcorn, making the bowl look even more like a sheep! Of course, the bowl doubles as a yarn bowl with its head ready to hold your stitch markers and notions. We really can’t choose which use we like better, so the winner will get two sheep bowls! One for their yarn, and one for their snacks!

Congrats to Laura M., of Warwick, NY!
Enjoy your bowls!

Week 2 Prizes from Makers’ Mercantile®

Enter to Win Between Monday,
October 8 – Sunday October 14

Winners Chosen on October 15

(Two Winners Will Be Chosen Weekly, One Winner Per Prize)

Prize 1: Zitron Herbstwind

Four balls of the winner’s color choice, along with our Never Get Bored cowl pattern

Do you know where your wool comes from? We do! It’s that time of year when the wind blows and the leaves are falling. It is with that vision that Zitron developed their newest yarn, Herbstwind (translated from German, it means Fall Wind). We call it “Herbie” for short! What makes this pure Merino yarn stand out is that it is from Tasmanian Merino sheep from the Hallett Family of Tasmania. They’ve been herding sheep on the island for centuries, consistently in the same manner.

Congrats to Kim S., of San Antonio, TX!

The Never Get Bored cowl pattern is a part of this prize pack!

The Merino Sheep are allowed to graze on high protein grasses that grow on ground that has never seen pesticides or toxins. These happy sheep roam all year round and are herded only once a year for shearing. The result is a long staple that is spun in Germany into a perfectly luscious, springy, butter-soft wool. Of course, the story doesn’t end there. The yarn is then dyed into 24 amazingly rich colors (in Germany as well), all up to Oeko-Tex 100 standards. If you don’t know much about Oeko-Tex, we recommend you Google it! Herbie is definitely in a league of its own, literally – it is the only Tasmanian Merino Wool currently produced for the hand-knitting market!

Prize 2: A pair of Sheep Hangers

All beautiful hand-made items need something beautiful to hang them from. Our Sheep Hangers are just that. Handmade in the USA, these hangers add a whimsical touch to your closet. Although we doubt you’ll keep your sheep hangers in the closet, as you’ll want to look at them all the time; they are just so cute!

Congrats to Marsha R., of Sumter, SC!

Week 3 Prizes from Makers’ Mercantile®

Enter to Win Between Monday,
October 15 – Sunday October 21

Winners Chosen on October 22

(Two Winners Will Be Chosen Weekly, One Winner Per Prize)

Prize 1 & 2: Makers’ Mercantile Hanging Circular Needle Organizer

Our circular hanging needle organizer really leads the pack! First of all, it is reversible. One side is denim and one side off-white cotton, so you have a choice of which side you feel goes better with your décor. We even recommend you get creative and paint the cotton side to your liking – it is like having a blank canvas! Secondly, our organizer is the only one out there that allows YOU to decide what needle sizes are going to go in it.

That’s right! Nothing is printed and set in stone on this organizer. Each section has a small vinyl pocket where you can print your own number before slipping them in. This way your needle organizer will always be ready for what YOU have in YOUR stash! You can also use a dry erase marker on the canvas side and erase with a tissue whenever you deem necessary. Either way, it’s a true custom storage solution!

Congrats to Bridgette M., of Dallas, TX!

Congrats to Martha S., of Sandy Springs, GA!

Week 4 Prizes from Makers’ Mercantile®

Enter to Win Between Monday,
October 22 – Sunday October 28

Winners Chosen on October 29

(Two Winners Will Be Chosen Weekly, One Winner Per Prize)

Prize 1 & 2: Zitron Art Deco and a pair of addi FlexiFlips.

If socks rock your world, we have a marvelous soft sock yarn that will create Fair Isle patterns while you do nothing but stockinette stitch. Zitron Art Deco comes in 6 great Fair Isle combinations that will brighten any cloudy day; we like to call them “Happy Colors”. Of course, knitting socks can be done in many ways: two socks on two circs, using double points and magic loop just to name a few. Addi®, along with inspiration from German blogger Sylvie Rasch, created another way to knit socks.

This prize includes a pair of this new creation … FlexiFlips! These clever double points not only have sharp and rounded tips for you to choose from, they also bend in the middle so you only need three to work with: two to hold the work, and one to knit onto. This allows you to knit much faster (less transitions) and minimizes any ladders you may unintentionally create using double points or magic loop. Flexiflips are available in 11 sizes, from a US 0 to a US 8.

Congrats to Catherine R., of Islip Terrace, NY!

Congrats to Linda Y., of Salem, OR!

Grand Prize from Makers’ Mercantile®

Enter to Win Between Monday,
October 29 – Thursday November 1

Winner Chosen on November 2

(There Is Only ONE Grand Prize Winner – GOOD LUCK!)

***Needles, hooks and accessories shown in photo are not included.***

Grand Prize: One lucky winner will receive an exclusive Makers’ Mercantile® Envia Interchangeable Needle Storage Bag AND a set of addi® Long-tip Rocket Clicks

Our Envia bag was designed by knitters, for knitters, and features adjustable and removable straps. It holds up to 4 sets of interchangeable needles, plus a fair amount of small accessories. You can customize your inserts to hold double pointed needles and crochet hooks as well. On the outside of the bag is a small compartment for your “peepers”, along with a larger pocket that will hold a full-size tablet. Available in Fabulous Teal or Black as Night.

The lucky grand prize winner also receives a complete set of addiClick Long-tip Rockets – the most popular set of the highly coveted addi® interchangeable needles, to begin filling their new Envia Bag!

Your weekly entry automatically enters you into the Grand Prize drawing – good luck!