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The first thing that you’ll need to begin your new weaving hobby is a loom. You’ll find a good selection of different looms and other weaving accessories in the weaving tools and supplies selection from Interweave. Our high-quality looms include rigid-heddle looms and inkle looms. Both of these types of looms work well for beginning and experienced weavers. These looms are compact, portable and very easy to use. Some of the other weaving tools and supplies that we carry include rigid-heddle reeds, tape measures, yarn and carry bags.

One of the most popular types of looms is the rigid-heddle loom. This simple and functional loom provides consistently spaced yarn and is easy to set up and portable. Rigid-heddle looms are frame looms that feature easy-to-set-up and easily lifted and lowered warp yarns. Many of our rigid-heddle loom kits contain a loom and everything you need to get started weaving right away. Some of the accessories that are included are a loom reed, clamps for attaching the loom to a tabletop, shuttles, warping pegs, threading hooks and instructions.

Another popular type of loom for beginners and advanced weavers is the inkle loom. Inkle looms are small, very easy to use and portable. You can use these looms to perform warp-faced inkle weaving. Inkle looms produce very narrow pieces of fabric and are usually used to make belts, straps and trim. They are made from solid wood and are built with a structure that allows for easy warping and tension adjustment. Inkle looms usually include one belt shuttle.

Choose your new loom and any other weaving tools and supplies you may need, and then check out our other weaving products to get started on your next project. Learn how to weave or improve your weaving skills by ordering one of our weaving books. Subscribe to Handwoven, our premier weaving magazine, for a regular dose of weaving patterns and information. You can also choose one of our weaving DVDs or videos to get professional-quality weaving lessons right in your home. Try a weaving kit or a weaving pattern for easy-to-follow instructions for your next project.

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