Get the latest weaving news, techniques, projects and patterns delivered straight to your home or computer with the collection of weaving magazines from Interweave. Our premier weaving magazine is called Handwoven. You can order single issues in paper form or as a downloadable electronic magazine. We also offer our magazines in collections and as subscriptions if you’d like more reading material and bimonthly inspiration. Our magazines contain carefully curated information that any avid weaver will find useful and interesting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the interesting stories and expertly designed weaving projects included in our magazines. We’ve been publishing Handwoven for decades and it continues to be one of the foremost weaving magazines in print.

Try out Handwoven magazine by ordering a single issue on our weaving magazine issues page. These single-issue magazines go back several years, meaning that you’ll be able to choose from over 150 issues of Handwoven. Order a print issue to have a magazine sent to your home, or opt for the convenience of a downloadable digital issue of Handwoven. If single issues of our weaving magazine aren’t enough to satisfy your need for weaving articles, opt instead for one of our magazine collections. These are collections of Handwoven magazines that include every magazine published in the last one or two years. Most of these collections are available as electronic downloads or on CD. If you’d rather have your weaving magazines regularly delivered to your home, we also offer affordable Handwoven magazine subscriptions. Weaving magazine subscriptions are available in the U.S., Canada and internationally.

Each Handwoven magazine features a collection of beautiful weaving projects and patterns that you can easily complete at home. These patterns include step-by-step instructions from premier weaving experts that are easy to follow. Complete a few of these projects and your weaving skills will improve in no time. Use our weaver’s magazine to learn new loom weaving techniques and weave structures. We also include interesting articles about the history of weaving, the modern weaving industry, and many other captivating subjects.

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