Get a little bit of extra help with your next weaving project with the collection of weaving kits from Interweave. These kits contain everything you need to start and finish your next hand woven creation. The only thing that isn’t included is the loom. These kits will help you complete a whole range of different textile projects. Choose from scarf weaving kits, towel weaving kits, placemat weaving kits and more. Order one of these kits and you’ll be hand weaving a new set of cloth napkins, pillow covers or tapestries in no time. Not only do these weaving kits contain premium supplies, they also include instructions from expert weavers. Each one serves as a hands-on lesson that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. They aren’t just for beginners, either. We have weaving kits for intermediate and even seasoned weavers.

The weaving kits from Interweave come in many different convenient formats that make it easy for you to access them. Sort all of our craft kits by product type to narrow down our large selection to your favorite format. Opt for a weaving kit book or a magazine if you prefer to have your instructions on paper. If you’d like the convenience of an online download, you can also choose a weaving kit e-book, magazine download or pattern download. Get an even more interactive experience with a weaving kit DVD, video download or a web seminar download. You can also sort our weaving kits by price and skill level to easily find the perfect option for you. The textile creations you craft using these kits also make great DIY gifts for your loved ones. Your friends and family will be stunned by your gorgeous fabrics.

Shop the weaving collection on Interweave to find everything you need for your weaving projects. Browse our weaving patterns to learn how to create new textile pieces and color patterns. Find inspiration for your next project with our weaving books, magazines, DVDs and videos. Our weaving tools and supplies will help you stock up for your next creation. Shop the weaving clearance section for deeply discounted products and supplies. You can also browse our weaving courses for lessons to help improve your skills.

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