DVDs & Videos

Learn how to weave from weaving experts in the comfort of your own home with the collection of weaving DVDs and videos from Interweave. These instructional videos will help you learn new weaving techniques and provide advice to help you improve your weaving skills with easy-to-understand, clearly presented information. These weaving videos are available as DVDs and as downloadable digital videos.

Some of the most popular subjects of our weaving videos include weave structure and small loom videos. Other subjects addressed in these videos include advice for faster warping, tips for mastering color techniques and much more. Browse our entire collection of videos to find a lesson that you’d like to learn. With dozens of options available, there’s sure to be a perfect choice for every weaver.

You’ll love the convenience of downloading your weaving videos straight to your computer. Our digital videos on weaving feature lessons on subjects such as rigid-heddle weaving, multi-shaft loom weaving and more. Choose a video that teaches you a particular project like rug weaving, fringe finishing and drop spinning. Create varied textures in your handwoven fabrics by learning new techniques with our weave structure videos. Use these instructional videos to learn weave structures such as twill, deflected double weave, overshot and lace. If you’d like to learn how to become an expert at weaving on your small loom, choose from our selection of small loom weaving videos. These videos will teach you pin-loom weaving, warping, double-faced tablet weaving and inkle weaving.

Once you’ve chosen an instructional weaving video or DVD, shop our other weaving product collections to stock up on supplies. We also offer weaving books and magazines if you’d like to further your weaving education. Weaving courses are also a great option for beginners and more experienced weavers. Our weaving patterns and weaving kits make planning your next project a breeze. Finally, get all of the supplies you need from our weaving tools and supplies section.

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