Begin your journey to learning the art of weaving, or simply work on improving your craft with the selection of weaving books from Interweave. These books contain all of the information that you need to become an expert weaver. Browse through our selection of weaving e-books, weaving pattern and project books, weaving reference books and books that contain the best parts of our Handwoven magazine.

Get some of each of these books to learn new weaving techniques and get the information you need to create a brand new handwoven creation. These books can also teach you new weave structures. It doesn’t matter your skill level or what type of loom you weave on, we have the perfect book for you. Our books contain information for rigid-heddle looms and four-shaft or eight-shaft looms.

Browse our selection of weaving pattern and project books to get ideas for your next weaving project. These books contain dozens of different patterns that you can complete on your own. They feature easy-to-follow instructions and lessons that will help you improve your weaving journey. There are books that teach you how to hand weave garments and accessories. Some books are devoted to weaving scarves and others have only woven bag patterns. There are projects for every kind of loom and every skill level.

If you’d rather find a weaving book with more general instructional information, take a look at our selection of weaving reference books. Many of these books contain in-depth instructions and lessons to help you learn how to weave. There are also more complex books that will help you improve your weaving technique.

We also carry a collection of Best of Handwoven e-books. These weaving e-books contain the best weaving projects from Handwoven, our premier weaving magazine. Each of these e-books is based on a different theme. They focus on weaving a specific type of textile, such as wool, silk, cotton yarn and more. There are also books on certain weaving techniques and others focused on specific types of projects.

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