Welcome professional and aspiring spinners! There is so much satisfaction that comes with creating a hand knit, crochet or needle felting project. Now imagine your pride when you wrap yourself in a blanket, tie a scarf around your neck or wear a sweater made from the yarn that you made yourself? Handspinning is an ancient textile art in which fibers (wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, etc.) are twisted together to form yarn. Learning how to spin your own yarn is not as complex as it may seem (when you have the knowhow).

Armed with the right tools and guidance from workshop videos, instructional DVDs, book and magazines, you will soon be on your way to spinning endless skeins of yarn and finding captivating ways to use them.

Our spinning store is filled with books, magazines, instructional DVDs and videos, spinning wheels, fibers, spinning kits and more geared towards the beginner and professional. Our extensive selection of DVDs, videos, books and eBooks tackle a wide range of topics and offer a wealth of information that you can use to advance your skills in the comforts of your own home. Learn how to spin yarn from wool using a drop spindle, learn techniques for dyeing, drafting, plying and cleaning wool fiber, learn how to perfect spinning on a wheel, how to start a spinning business and plenty more. For the latest news, patterns and gift ideas, pick up a print copy or digital edition of our spinning magazines. You will find product reviews, projects for handspun yarn as well as expert advice for all types of spinners.

The right tools and supplies go a long way in making your journey to yarn spinning a success. We have done the leg work for you and have stocked our inventory with the finest quality spinning wheels, drop spindles, fibers, bobbins, mini combs, hand carders, stencil sketch grids — basically everything you need. We also have specialized kits that come with expert step-by-step instructions and necessary tools. Such kits you will find include How to Handcard and Spin Woolen, How to Comb and Spin Worsted kit and Tibetan Supported Spindle Kit.

Time to get spinning!

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