Interweave has long been a top-notch resource for modern, savvy crafters, which is why we're constantly expanding our selection of spinning kits and supplies. This age-old art is becoming increasingly popular among contemporary crafters, and allows you to produce bespoke yarns that you can implement into your favorite fiber arts. Whether you're looking for resources on how to find the best raw materials or how to implement your finished yarn into eye-catching products, you can start with our excellent spinning kits from Interweave. These kits are wonderful for spinning beginners who want to build a set of skills to master the craft.

When it comes to the art of spinning, it all starts with the raw materials. Interweave has many great spinning kits that come with various resources on the best spinning materials. Start with guides to wool, silk, synthetic materials and more to help you pick the appropriate products for your particular spinning goals, and then learn how to handle each material with spin worsted and spin woolen techniques and product suggestions. We've also got plenty of spinning kits that teach you how to choose the right tools, including spindles, combs and spinning wheels.

If you're here for spinning inspiration - or spin-spiration, as we like to call it - then you'll be in good company. Excellent bundles of DVDs, videos, magazines and books will help keep your spinning wheels spinning no matter what, with all-new ideas and tips that help you build upon the skillset you already possess, even if it's minimal. Many of these kits include everything you need to get started with spinning, including yarn spinning combs, fibers and in-depth instructions that will help you lay the foundation in the art. Don't forget to stop by our spinning department for more wonderful resources and project ideas.

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