Online Workshops

Interweave is pleased to offer online spinning courses for those who are interested in learning how to master this ancient textile art. From absolute beginners to those who are ready to advance their skills, our selection of courses covers a range of topics and techniques.

Interweave’s online courses are digital learning environments, meaning they are on-demand, self-paced and accessible on any internet connected device. You have the flexibility to pause, replay and revisit certain topics until you get the techniques down right. Course materials are presented in a variety of ways including videos, images, text, interactive tutorials and other digital formats. The benefits of taking an online course are many. Online courses allow learners to communicate with their fellow classmates through discussions, share individual projects through image galleries and test their understanding through interactive assessments and activities. While online course materials are developed and presented by experts, they are not facilitated by instructors. All of our course experts have extensive experience in spinning and teaching spinning to students of all levels around the county. Many are also contributing writers for such magazines as Spin Off magazine, Jane Austen Knits and more.

Just some of the interactive online courses on spinning that we offer include: Beginning Spinning on the Wheel, Finishing Up: How to Wash, Block, Dry & Finish Handspun Yarns; Card Wool for Color and more. A sampling of what you will learn includes:

Gaining a basic understanding of spinning fibers and how they affect finished yarns
Introduction to the spinning wheel
Finishing your yarn
How to use a drum carder for batts, rolags and roving
How to create unique gradient and ombre striping yarns
How to spin unique yarns with chain plying, fractal spinning and cabling
Troubleshooting common spinning mistakes

After completing your online courses, we also offer a list of resources for further learning so you can continue mastering the art of spinning.

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