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If you are a visual learner, our assortment of Patternworks DVDs and videos are valuable resources to add to your collection. Our inventory of videos and DVDs is filled with useful information, tutorials, techniques and troubleshooting tips presented by veteran spinners, knitters, weavers and other highly skilled artists. For aspiring and seasoned spinners, using the traditional spindle to create volumes of quality yarn brings such joy and satisfaction. If you are interested in learning how to use this simple, traditional tool, pickup one of our DVDs such as Respect the Spindle DVD. In it, you will learn how spinning works and how to spin on such a simple tool, how to make a functional spindle out of almost anything, how to spin a lot of excellent yarn in an amazingly short time, how to manage the yarn supply, how to ply efficiently and how to finish appropriately.

Are you a weaver? Take a look at our weaving video workshops that show you how to choose the right shuttles and other weaving tools, how to set up for comfortable weaving, weaving techniques for tidy selvedges and neat color transitions, easy ways to handle broken warp threads or tension problems, finishing techniques — from hemstitching to fringe and how to wet-finish your fabric.

Our DVDs and videos are a great visual resource that you can reference time and again. Simply pop them in your DVD player or computer, and learn something new from the experts. Ranging in length, each video is presented in an easy-to-understand format so you can follow along at your own pace. Rewind, re-watch and pause as many times as you need in the comforts of your own home. Check back often to see what informative, inspirational and collection-worthy DVDs and videos we have added to our growing inventory.

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