Scissors and Needleminders

When you're working on your needlepoint project - be it a counted cross stitch pattern, a crewel kit or a beaded embroidery project - one of the most useful needlework tools to keep handy is a pair of needlepoint scissors. Sometimes called embroidery scissors, these small scissors are tiny enough that you can carry them in a project bag on the go but strong enough to cut through any embroidery floss or thread with ease! Use these to quickly snip unused threads so you can change your embroidery floss color in a cross stitch chart, to trim threads when a needlepoint project is complete or to help with corners on needlepoint kit packaging! The uses of these small, indispensable scissors are countless! Purchase a pair of needlepoint scissors for you travel tote and another set to keep in your primary embroidery space at home so that you never have to be without!

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