Fiber fanciers will find something to swoon over at Interweave, where we've handpicked a huge selection of fantastic knitting patterns, kits, resources, yarn and tools. You'll find everything you need to hone your craft in our store, whether you want to start with the basics and make hats, scarves and blankets, or knit your own expert-level goods to display at a big craft show. The Interweave store is jam-packed with essentials ranging from knitting needles and yarn - including cashmere, cotton, silk, acrylic and wool yarn in a rainbow of unique colors -that will inspire you to knit beautiful new creations from scratch.

First-time and novice knitters will find something that strikes their fancy in Interweave's collection of knitting kits. These kits come with most of the materials you need to get started, including the pattern, yarn and even accessories, such as buttons and accents. All you need to complete the kit is your needles and notions! Shop our complete collection to find an easy knitting pattern to get you acquainted with the craft, or try a more complex style for a whole new challenge. At Interweave, knitting patterns are our specialty, so we're happy to help you find a pattern that matches your style and experience level. With our patterns, you can knit bags, sweaters, jackets, socks, home décor and much, much more.

If you want to learn how to knit, you can start with our variety of useful knitting resources such as books, magazines, DVDs and videos. These helpful guides will assist you with mastering new techniques while providing expert-level tips and tricks and plenty of inspiration for your next knitting endeavor. Our very own publication, Interweave Knits, is a top-notch resource for those looking for patterns, designs, trends, tutorials and more for the modern knitter. If you'd like a bit more guidance, you can take an Interweave online knitting course to get you started.

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