These amazing jewelry projects from Interweave don't just attract attention, they command it! With a huge assortment of wonderful designs that help you craft one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, pins, brooches and sets, these projects will get you in the mood to craft in no time flat. Interweave handpicks projects utilizing cutting-edge and time-honored jewelry making techniques, including metal clay, soldering, wire wrapping, chain maille and so much more. The jewelry making opportunity offered by these projects is truly endless, with over 1,000 unique jewelry projects from which to choose.

Here at Interweave, we're committed to offering resources for crafters at all levels. If you're new to jewelry making and want to put your basic skills to the test - or learn all-new essentials for crafting jewelry from the ground up - then you'll love our selection of beginner jewelry projects. These projects cover all the tips and tricks you need to transform affordable materials into wearable works of art, with guides to making jewelry fast and affordably. Each project includes detailed instructions from professionals and a list of required materials so that you can start your jewelry making adventure with the basics.

Of course, we've also got jewelry making projects for intermediate and expert crafters as well. These are the projects you'll want to explore if you've already got a foundation in the art but want to build upon it with techniques such as complex metalsmithing and chain maille. No matter where you are in your jewelry making jewelry, you're sure to find a style here that honors your particular preferences and design eye. Shop projects that help you craft everything from trendy minimalist necklaces to artful costume jewelry that tells a special story with the help of Interweave.

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