There's almost no crafter out there who doesn't enjoy a hot cup of tea and a good craft magazine, and Interweave is the savvy crafter's best resource! We're happy to produce and sell some of the best jewelry making magazines out there, including Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine and many other fantastic publications. You'll find jewelry magazines covering the craft as a whole as well as magazines that delve into single aspects of the craft so that you can take your jewelry making endeavors to the next level. Order back issues of your favorite jewelry magazine or subscribe to publications today so you always have the latest and greatest tips and techniques on hand.

We publish our very own jewelry magazine, Step by Step Wire Jewelry, to help wireworkers and general jewelry artisans get the best insight on how to craft with metal and wire. This publication always includes excellent product recommendations, project guides and detailed technique tutorials to help you master the finest wirework practices. Readers adore the highly anticipated New Product Guide in each issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, which includes all of the best jewelry making beads, tools, wire and more. This magazine will help you integrate wireworking with leather, beads, gems, precious metals and other materials.

We're also happy to offer issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, one of the most popular jewelry magazines on newsstands. This magazine provides an all-round approach to crafting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, brooches and more using the finest materials and tools. We're happy to offer subscriptions to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist as well as useful back issues that you can use to get essential design inspiration and recommendations. Interweave also offers jewelry magazines in various formats, including traditional print magazines as well as digital magazines that you can read on your favorite device.

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