Featured Artists

What’s better than sharing your love of crochet with the world? One of the best parts about engaging in this craft is the amazing sense of community, with artists constantly supporting and encouraging one another. At Interweave, we’re devoted to helping crochet crafters thrive, so we offer plenty of amazing pattern downloads and resources by a slew of artists from around the world. Our featured crocheting artists are not only crochet experts, but pioneers in many aspects of fiber arts. They exhibit the best of the craft with next-level skill and technique as well as an undeniable level of creativity and artistry.

Our featured crochet artists are some of the most trusted names in fiber arts. We have products by Kristin Omdahl, a longtime crocheting expert who has been featured in or contributed to various knitting-related publications and TV shows. You can craft just like this innovative artist with our amazing selection of Kristin Omdahl patterns, including trendy shawls, scarves, blankets, trims, borders and more. We’re also very happy to feature fiber artist Robyn Chachula, who has written a number of top crocheting books and has been featured on "Knitting Daily TV" and other knitting TV shows. Shop Robyn Chachula patterns at Interweave if you love this artist’s devotion to creating beautiful, wearable works of art that command compliments!

Those who love modern, original crochet designs will certainly want to take a look at patterns by featured artist Lily Chin. This crafter is well-known for her ability to blend tough techniques with effortless designs, and was once named a “Master Knitter” by Vogue Knitting International. Although she is a pro in the craft, Chin offers many gorgeous crochet patterns that are accessible to needle workers at all levels. With nearly 150 artist-made crochet patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favorite fiber artist here at Interweave. Be sure to explore our complete collection to find wonderful patterns that suit your personal style and skill level.

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