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If you’re looking for a great way to take your crochet skills to the next level or want an in-depth introduction to one of the best crafts around, you’ll be delighted to see our huge selection of crochet DVDs and videos at Interweave. Each crochet DVD or video covers a specific topic or project, whether it be Irish crochet, Clones lace, crochet color work, amigurumi, crotchet stitching for afghans, easy crocheting or any other crochet-related topic you can think of that will help teach you all of the basics on how to crochet. We also have crochet videos and DVDs covering specific garments, including handbags, shawls, dishcloths, slippers, clutches, banners, rugs and more. If you can crochet it, we cover it!

Looking for a simple, easy-to-follow introduction to this time-honored handiwork craft? Check out our great collection of beginner-level crochet videos that lay the foundation for the craft with useful yet basic techniques. You get everything you need to know about the project at hand with each crochet DVD: instructions, step-by-step tips and encouragement. Explore our huge selection of Crochet Me DVDs and videos if you want simple crochet video tutorials that help you learn and improve your skills so that you can advance to expert-level projects in no time. These well-produced videos include projects and technique tutorials for every level.

If you want instant access to your video (no shipping), you’re in luck. Interweave is constantly updating our library of digital videos and streaming videos so that you can instantly download your preferred tutorial for immediate viewing. These excellent resources are written, produced and directed by the industry’s top crocheters and designers, so you can expect them to be insightful and inspirational all at once. Simply checkout through Interweave and you’ll be able to download your content right away. Add these amazing videos to your craft library so that you always have insight and inspiration at arm’s reach!

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