Online Workshops

Whether you want to take your beading skills to the next level or learn an all-new technique, Interweave's beading courses include the best options for your particular goals! These in-depth workshops and courses guide you through the basics with detailed videos, images, text, interactive tutorials and other formats. Plus, those who take our online courses are able to communicate with fellow classmates through discussion boards and image galleries. If you aren't sure which levels are best for your needs, you can test your skills through interactive assessments and other activities.

Our beading courses run the gamut from basic introductory classes to courses for expert beadworkers who have been working in the craft for decades. We have courses that help you learn how to bead on a loom, master bead weaving with embroidery and learn the most popular bead stitches to take your bead crafts to the next level. Anyone who's interested in learning bead weaving - and mastering stiches such as peyote, brick, square, daisy chain and RAW - will appreciate our selection of in-depth bead stitching tutorials and courses. We also have options that teach you specialty bead skills, including 3D layering and seed bead weaving.

All of our online craft courses are self-paced, so you can stop and go as you please, and  master each element like a professional. We've hired the best of the best to develop course materials and present demonstrations, but please note that the courses are not facilitated by instructors. You can take our online beading courses on whatever internet connected device is most comfortable to you, including your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Interweave offers courses in a wide range of mediums beyond beading, including crochet, knitting, jewelry making and spinning.

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