If you've ever dreamed of being able to make one-of-a-kind beaded crafts that you can wear, share and showcase, you'll love our selection of beading patterns at Interweave. These easy-to-follow beading patterns guide you through making your own bedazzled necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wall hangings, handbags, pendants, pins, brooches, rings, gifts and more. Each one comes with a step-by-step guide plus a thorough list of required materials so that you can begin crafting exquisite patterns for your specific skill level. Shop project difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced, and everything between.

Each beading project from Interweave allows you to experiment with or hone a certain beading technique, from simple square stitches that let you create a cloth of beads for apparel and décor, to more complicated patterns that use herringbone, netting and peyote stiches. We can even help you with specialty beading patterns like crafting eye-catching beaded mandalas, loom-woven jewelry, felted handbags and much more. Make sure to browse through our entire collection of patterns or use the handy filters on the side of the page to find an option that gets your creative juices flowing, whether you're interested in bead-stitching or bead-making.

Many of our patterns can be used to help you make your own DIY beads at home, ranging from simple heart beads to opal intarsia beads.

You can get started with basic jewelry making techniques using these patterns, too, like soldering, fusing and annealing. The majority of these beading patterns come in an instant download format, so you can immediately download them and begin crafting. These patterns have been developed by some of the beading world's best crafters (including the Interweave team). Don't forget to stop by our beading page for free e-books and articles.

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