Whether you choose one of our very own publications or opt for something from another industry leader, we're sure you'll find all the beading inspiration you desire in our collection of beading magazines. With a wide range of useful resources - projects, tips, techniques, articles and photographs for extra inspiration - each beading magazine from Interweave is sure to get your wheels spinning! We've got back issues and subscription options for all the best bead magazines, including Beadwork, Jewelry Stringing, Wire Jewelry, Bead Star, Easy Wire, Creative Jewelry and more. You'll never lack inspiration and reading material when you stock up on these amazing publications from Interweave!

One of our favorite beading magazines is our very own Beadwork, which includes all of the essentials you need to embark on your next big beading adventure. Jam-packed with patterns, articles, tips, techniques and artistic inspiration, Beadwork Magazine will help inspire you to craft the most unique and eye-catching jewelry and home décor ever. You can either purchase back issues or subscribe today so that you get the latest issues of this great magazine as they come off the press. We publish Beadwork every two months, and you can even enjoy a risk-free trial issue when you subscribe through Interweave!

Jewelry Stringing Magazine is another great publication that you'll want to try if you're into honing your jewelry making techniques. This magazine originally began as a special issue of Beadwork, but eventually became its own frequency issues. For over 10 years, the Interweave team has been peppering Jewelry Stringing with fabulous and easy-to-follow jewelry making tutorials and in-depth instructions and illustrations on essential stringing techniques, including crimping, knotting, hammering and more. You can read these publications however you prefer, either with classic print magazines or magazine downloads that you can read on your favorite device's screen.

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