Create a bead-focused library in your craft room so that you always have big-time inspiration on hand! Interweave's selection of beading books is teeming with a wide variety of well-written resources that provide you with artful inspiration and all-new tips and techniques, so you'll never be faced with beader's block for long. We've got bead books covering bead making and bead stitching as well as other mixed media realms so that you get all the insight required to craft beautiful bracelets, necklaces, brooches, home décor and more using beads you've made from scratch! These books make excellent gifts for jewelry makers and crafters.

Interweave is happy to offer a large variety of bead making books that you can use to craft your own bespoke beads using exotic and everyday materials. We've got bead making resources that will help you handcraft a wide assortment of beautiful beads, including torch-fired enamel beads, fabric beads, polymer clay beads, wire beads, loom-woven beads and much more. When you have the skills to craft your own beads at home, you can transform your jewelry making cache from creative to artful, with each piece 100 percent one-of-a-kind. These bead making resources are ideal for crafters at all levels, from newbies to experts.

If you're here to hone your bead stitching skills, you'll be happy to explore our wide variety of bead stitching books at Interweave. These books cover all of the most popular and intriguing bead stitches, including herringbone, peyote, diamondback, hubble, beaded lace and other bead weaving techniques that allow you to craft unique jewelry components and more using complex yet easy-to-learn techniques. Interweave offers beading books in a range of formats, including classic paperbacks and e-books, so that you can read and reference in the way that's most comfortable to you.

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