cowgirl cowlette spin off fall 2017

Cowgirl Cowlette by Daniela Nii from Spin Off Fall 2017

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Next Challenge: Spin Scrap

What do you make with your leftover bits and scraps of spinning fiber? The mismatched morsels of fibery goodness offer a wonderful design opportunity! Comb or card to blend or just wing it and let serendipity be your muse. Share with us the striking combinations that get twisted and spun up onto your wheel’s bobbin or spindle’s shaft. The deadline to submit is April 2, 2017.

Please send a minimum of one five-yard length of yarn labeled with your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Please note the fiber content, wraps per inch (wpi) and yards per pound (ypp), and tell us a bit about your yarn submission. Mail your comments (typed, please) and yarn to Spin Off Your Yarns, 4868 Innovation Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525-5576. Email spinoff@interweave.com with any questions. The yarn won’t be returned, but it will be used for a worthy charity. Please contact us at the above address if you’d like to volunteer to make a charity item using the yarns from previous “Your Yarns” entries.