Wire Jewelry Making: Look Inside Woven in Wire by Sarah Thompson

When writing my first book, I set out to teach and share with readers the technique at the heart of the wire jewelry I create, wire weaving with fine-gauge wires. In Fine Art Wire Weaving, I laid the groundwork for the solid foundation you and other jewelers need to successfully make pieces in my signature style.

Now with Woven in Wire, it’s time to take things to the next level with new inspiration, using techniques for sculptural effects and dimensional designs, and increasing the complexity of your work. I’m setting out to challenge you, while providing guidance and support to grow your wire jewelry skills.

I’m often asked how I make my master designs and what techniques I use to pull them together. The answers are here in the pages of this book. I’m showing you everything from the tools and materials I prefer to the techniques I employ. You’ll see each step of the process. But I will warn you, be prepared to invest time into the work we’ll do together. Making the most of these techniques and achieving this level of beauty and intricacy in wire jewelry style requires patience. It isn’t a skill mastered in an afternoon; practice is the key, and after all that practice, you will be ready to transform your work into a masterpiece.

Inspiration is found everywhere. I hope by opening your eyes to how to layer more details, you’ll begin to find your own design path. Have some real fun playing with wire jewelry! Browse the Lookbook below for a peek inside Woven in Wire.

–Sarah Thompson
Author of Woven in Wire and Fine Art Wire Weaving

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