knitscene Summer 2018 Lookbook

Nothing compares to a summer spent at the pool. As a child who grew up smack dab in the center of the contiguous United States (going to the ocean was out of the question), I practically lived at my neighborhood pool every summer. From morning swimming lessons to friendly afternoon water games to relaxing evenings with my family, most days were filled with the smell of chlorine, buying Fun Dip with spare change, and balancing scorching sunshine with cannonballs into the bracingly cold water.

Now that I’m a working adult, finding time to go to the pool is more difficult, but last summer I lived in an apartment complex with a community pool that I took advantage of as often as I possibly could. On weekdays after work, I’d promptly head over in my swimsuit and flip-flops to catch the last few hours of heat and sun. And on weekends, friends would come over, and we’d spend hours alternating between lying out in the sun and lingering in the cold pool. Like my childhood, this time included poolside junk food and lots of laughs.

Hannah Baker, knitscene Editor

Unlike my childhood, it included knitting and drinking a couple of cold ones. Although I’m perfectly happy to relax unaccompanied at the pool, what I love most about the pool is that it’s a community center. It turns being lazy while wearing little clothing into a public affair to share with family, friends, and strangers alike. It’s a place to gather and spend quality leisure time, but quirky connections often happen with others who are there at the same time. Borrowing lounge chairs requires teamwork and agreement; a funny happenstance builds camaraderie through laughter. Everyone is part of an unofficial family while they share that space. When you walk through the pool gate, you agree to become a part of the temporary pool community that exists in that moment.

Knitscene Summer 2018 is all about that aquatic life. Poolside Knits consists of cute summer tops for covering up swimsuits or showing off during backyard summer parties (plus a cool felted bag). We had a blast finding fun and interesting ways to shoot the beautiful projects in the backyard—complete with a pool—of a mid-century modern home in Englewood, Colorado. You’ll notice that we went wild with the pool floaties, thanks to our photo stylist, Tina (how many times can you spot our friend Dolores the flamingo and her many babies?). Additionally, our summer Gear Guide is an ode to the mermaid or merman that lives inside each of us.

Our second project story is all about color. The six Panels projects explore the color-block fashion trend using completely different methods: striping, modular knitting, intarsia, and intarsia in the round. If intarsia seems daunting, you’ll find easy entrée through Melissa Leapman’s Color Play series, this time focused on intarsia and how to conquer it for the first time. For intarsia in the round, which is somewhat different, see the sidebar in Mone Dräger’s Cube Socks pattern for instructions.

Because we couldn’t have this issue be anything but jam-packed, we’ve included a bonus minicollection of summer patterns to give you even more to knit this season. Two sock patterns and a wrap pattern make good lap knitting for poolside or travel.

So grab your knitting and head to the pool!


P.S. A big thanks to Mary and George of Englewood, Colorado, for letting us take over their backyard for the Poolside Knits shoot!

Knitscene Summer is ready for your needles!