Interweave Knits Gifts 2018 Lookbook

Hello, dear reader!

This special issue is a collaborative project between two editors and friends with opposing perspectives on the holidays, which has made this collection all the better. One of us is a self-described Grinch and the other is a Cindy Lou Who who can’t get enough of the holiday season. But there are many things both of us can do without during the holidays, and at the top of that list are the consumerism and commercialism of the season, the anxiety of gift buying, and the social pressure of holiday traditions.

Creating our own traditions as makers and independent women living far from our hometowns has been central to the growth of our individual identities. The Grinch in this collaboration established “Craftsmas” several years before we met, and that yearly celebration of making as a group for our loved ones has become a cherished tradition that’s helped shape our perspectives on the holidays.

What we’ve discovered about family, traditions, and gifts is they do not have to fit into a classic Norman Rockwell–type mold, which is to the maker’s advantage during the holidays. We can shape our own gifts, imbuing them with our love, our unique skills, and our hopes and wishes for the intended recipient. This collection of designs—in true Knits form—is a blend of cherished knitting traditions of the past updated with modern styling, hues, and techniques and thoughtful reimaginings.

Meghan Babin, Editor Interweave Knits & knit.wearGrab a fresh mug of coffee or tea while paging through our Modern Scandinavian story, which showcases 21 accessories with a sharp and fresh aesthetic, trending and innovative designs, and wearability for new winter traditions. Cuddle up with our menagerie of Creature Comforts, a huggable knitted toy collection by all-star toy designer Brenda K. B. Anderson. These sweet critters will have you squealing with delight no matter your age or holiday disposition. Before you go, read an essay about a knitter’s ambivalence over gifting knits and why they’re not for just anyone.

As for the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, you’ll have to guess who’s who. Remember, the Whos’ unbreakable spirit and outpouring of love made the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes. One of us knows the other’s heart grows and melts when she makes for others. She might not want to admit it, but she’s really a Who, too.

With Love,

Meghan Babin (editor, Interweave Knits)
Hannah Baker (editor, knitscene)

Knits Gifts 2018: Make Your Way to Christmas