Jewelry and Beading Competitions FAQ

Q: I am having trouble logging in.

A: Be sure that you are attempting to log in to the correct place. The general login in the top right corner of the webpage is NOT the log in area for competition entries. To access a competition’s sign-up/log-in page, follow either the ENTER NOW link (if this is your first visit this year) or MANAGE YOUR ENTRY link (if you have already entered this year). Log-ins are unique to each specific competition, and only apply to the current year. Interweave log-ins are not the same as competition log-ins.

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding subject matter?

A: We do not have any restrictions or preferences unless otherwise stated in the prospectus.

Q: What category does my entry fall into?

A: Select the category from the list of options in your competition (if offered) that best represents your work overall. If the judge feels that another category is more appropriate, we will switch the category for you, on your behalf.

Q: What are your formatting requirements?

A: Files should be .JPEG/.JPG, in RGB color mode (not CMYK). File size maximum is not to exceed 5 MB. Zipped files and web based files (like .gdoc) are not accepted. Please avoid using punctuation in entry titles (ex: use My Entry Title – not “My Entry Title”).

Q: Should I include a bio?

A: Bios are requested individually (typically only of featured winners) when needed.

Q: Must I still own the work that I am entering?

A: No, we do not require that an artist still own or be in possession of the work submitted.

Q: What if I would like to edit the entry that I have already submitted?

A: Edits should be done prior to entering. Once an entry has been submitted, we do not accept edits, replacements or exchanges. You may re-enter an edited piece. These entries are considered new entries. You may wish to slightly alter the entry titles in these cases, so that you are able to identify them should you be selected as a winner.

Q: Can I print out a copy of the blank entry form so I can be sure to have all my answers ready and complete before I begin entering my information?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to take your time and make sure all your information is ready to go.

Q: How do I submit my entry fees?

A: All entry fees are due in U.S. Dollars. Entry fees can be paid by credit card/debit card (MC, V, AMEX & DISC) or by check drawn on a US bank, in US funds (this includes cashier’s checks & money orders). We do not accept PayPal. Checks should then be mailed along with entries (by the competition deadline at the time of entry) to the address listed on the entry form (online or mailed in). Checks should be made out to Peak Media Properties LLC and may take up to 60 days to be processed after the final deadline has passed.

Q: Is there an age limit for entrants?

A: Entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Q: Could you help me understand the “Limited Rights Granted to Sponsor” section in the terms?

A: To summarize, the terms are referring to your agreement to allow us to publish images of the entry/work in our magazines, on our website, in digital products and in ads promoting the competition. Your retain full copyright to your work. We may use the images in promotional materials for future contests, but we always try to give credit when reprinting.

Q: When will winners be notified?

A: Please refer to the Judging & Notifications page for details. Entrants not selected as winners will not be notified individually.

Q: Once the competition is over, will you return my entry?

A: Actual pieces should not be sent in unless requested; if requested and sent in, we will return pieces. We will not return image files.

Q: What is the current deadline? Will there be an extension available?

A: Current deadlines are posted on the competitions MAIN page. Any revisions or extensions to posted deadlines will be updated, if they are offered. Extensions are not guaranteed. If an extension is put in place, it will not take place until after the posted deadlines. All deadlines refer to the post-mark date and/or online entry system submission date depending on how you are entering (11:59 pm/ EST).

Q: What if I cannot find my emails from you?

A: Courtesy emails & payment receipts are triggered automatically once you submit an entry and/or payment method. Please check all filters, junk mail folders, etc. and make sure that anything from and is on your accepted list. Valuable (and often time sensitive) communication regarding your entry (including winner notifications, prize allocations, editorial communication, file requests etc.) is sent via email, and we would hate for you to miss any communication. High traffic, especially around deadlines, may cause delays and may affect time sensitive emails.

Q: I submitted my entry online. How can I verify/confirm what I have entered?

A: Prior to the entry deadline, you may log into your current year’s account, and select PRINT next to the title listed for a particular entry. We highly recommend that you print a copy of your forms at the time of submission. Once the competition has closed to the public, you will no longer be able to access your online account or print forms.

Q: How do I set up an account? How do I log in?

A: Follow the Enter Now link found on the main competition page; this will bring you to the online entry system. The first time you visit the current year’s online entry system, you will be asked to Sign up for an account by creating a login for yourself. If you enter other competitions, you will need to set up a separate account for each one (you may however use the same log in and password). Once you have signed up for your (competition specific) account, you simply follow the login prompts on the competition main page. A competition log in is NOT the same as the general website log in.

Q: What if I created an account last year, but the system is not recognizing me?

A: Remember, accounts are competition specific and need to be set up each year (for each competition you are entering) in the current online entry system. A competition log in is NOT the same as the general website login, forum login, etc.

Q: What if I want to start filling out the online entry form but am not ready to complete and submit the entry?

A: If you would like to start filling out the online entry form but are not ready to submit the entry, you may save your entry as a Draft. Drafts allow for editing of the text within the form only; editing of the files/uploads must be done outside of the entry system – upload a new file, to replace an existing file. It is highly recommended that you gather all information before entering, rather than storing drafts. Edits must be completed prior to submission.

Q: Will you confirm receipt of my entry? Payment?

A: The online entry system will email the submitter an automatic email upon submitting an entry. The email is a courtesy and does not contain entry specifics. To obtain specifics, log in to your account prior to the competition deadline and print the forms for each submitted entry. Payment receipts are emailed to the card holder’s email address (if provided) on the payment page.

Q: I will be sending a check to cover my entry fees. How/when should the check mail?

A: Select the “pay by check” option at checkout. Payment must accompany entries. Entries received without payment will be disqualified. Checks should accompany a copy of your entry form, and should include the competition name on the subject line. In order to take advantage of early bird rates (if offered), check must mail (be postmarked) by the early bird deadline, otherwise regular rates will apply. Makes checks payable (in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) to Peak Media Properties LLC. Entry fees are non-refundable. Credit card charges will appear on your statement as “Peak Media Properties Contest” and checks will be processed within 60 days of the contest final deadline.

Mail checks to:

[Competition Name] Payment Center

Peak Media Properties LLC
9912 Carver Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242 USA


For all Interweave competition questions and queries, please contact:

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