We do our very best to make sure that every product we produce is free of errors. Every pattern or project that appears in one of our books or magazines has been through an extensive technical review. But we’re not perfect. If you find an error in one of our products, please let us know so that we can get it corrected. All corrections are listed here under magazine title (in alphabetical order) for your convenience. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Interweave Books Errata and Corrections

Interweave Books Errata & Corrections

Patternworks Corrections


Sordello Scarf or Stole Pattern Download (item #EP803582)
After the instructions for Row 21 – Eyelet row, the next two lines should read:
Rows 22-26: Rep Row 2.
Rep Rows 21-26, 7 times more – 69 sts.
In the Even section, after the row-by-row instructions, the next paragraph should begin:
Rep Rows 1-6 until you have…

Featured Image by Joe Coca (Vintage Crochet 2016) Filet Crochet

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