Give the gift of handwoven projects this holiday season!

Gifts to Make and Give

If you’re planning to weave gifts for the holidays but need weaving patterns and inspiration, look no further! Weave two fall-colored towels with the Two Savory Towels Kit, a simple rigid-heddle design that uses plain weave with pick-up for an interesting finished project. Create the fun Fortuna Major Scarf, which  gives Brooks bouquet a new look as it’s worked in a staggered pattern. Take a look at our Autumn and Holiday weaving pattern packs, each including an assortment of small woven projects. The pattern packs are digital downloads, so you can access the patterns immediately to get started weaving right away. Or, if you want something even faster, take a look at our vintage Needlecraft magazine cover prints. Measuring 11 x 14 inches, these vintage covers are perfect for display or décor.

Gifts for New Weavers & Beginning Weavers

Know a new weaver? Give them the gift of new weaving equipment! Rigid-heddle and inkle looms are great for beginning weavers and don’t take up too much space in the home or studio. We’ve curated a Beginning Weaving Bundle for new weavers with four of our favorite print and video resources. You won’t want to miss Susan E. Horton’s post, The Top 10 Books for Weavers, either. Make sure you’re not missing any of these key resources from your own weaving library!

Gifts for All Weavers

Whether new to weaving or a seasoned professional, these are some of our current favorites. The Finishing Kit for Weavers includes everything you need to complete your handwoven projects. Fringe twister, anyone? We’ve assembled all the essential resources needed for those new to weaving on a rigid-heddle loom in our Rigid Heddle Essentials bundle. This Kakara sheep washi tape makes an adorable stocking stuffer, a Handwoven magazine subscription is a must-have for all weavers, and we’ve got a big selection of clearance yarns perfect for weaving, knitting, and all your holiday crafting. Top your gift with these fun yarn ball & sheep motif gift tags. If you’re still undecided, grab an Interweave Store gift card and let your recipient do the decision making!