A new website is just the beginning

Dear Readers,

Interweave Logo

We’d like to introduce an updated and reinvigorated Interweave. Since Interweave was founded by Linda Ligon in 1975, it has been known for creating the highest quality media content within the craft industry. Interweave has been built on a strong foundation that is committed to the long-term best interest of the communities we serve.

Please consider this as a reintroduction of the Interweave brand you’ve relied on and respected for decades.

A new website is just the beginning.

If you’ve visited Interweave.com today, you have likely noticed we’ve overhauled the design from top to bottom. While this redesign gives us a more updated look and strong navigation, the primary reason is to give us a way to engage with you more effectively.

Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out continuous enhancements to the website, allowing you, our loyal readers the ability to access the high-quality content for which Interweave has become known since we began more than 40 years ago.

Each of our seven main subject areas on Interweave.com is maintained by the very same people who create our magazines, books, videos, and online education courses. Like you, we’re passionate about our craft and we’ll be striving to add constant value to our readers so that every visit to Interweave.com is a new opportunity for you to explore, learn, and connect with your passion.

With such major changes also come some hurdles and we ask for your patience and partnership as we work through the kinks of the new website. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we look forward to using your valuable input in order to add more features and benefits to the website. We hope you enjoy the new consolidated Interweave.com and we’re excited to continue to serve you online and in print for years to come.


John Bolton
General Manager, Interweave