Gansey-Inspired: A Look Inside Gansey Style Accessories

As I look back on my first book Knitting Ganseys, I realize that it was a door that I stepped through into a new life. Of course I didn’t know that then. But this book paved the way for me to travel, to create and teach workshops, to design more garments… and my wandering, eager mind went from the British gansey to the Irish Aran, the Scottish Fair Isle jumper, and on to Scandinavia. I gathered the courage to travel to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and later many other countries, searching through museums, because I had lost my heart to traditional knitting.

The further I travel on this knitting road, the more I want to know about all traditional knitting and those who practice it. The best part is meeting so many knitters, from all walks of life around the world, who share my passion. I have been invited to teach all over the United States and Canada and in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Iceland, and Sweden, on cruises, and via the Internet. I am still amazed!

Inspired by the knitting styles created in these far away places, Gansey Style Accessories is a collection of knitted accessories that are full of reverence for the tradition of clothing those you love. I invite you to explore the Lookbook for it below and to carry traditional knitting with you wherever you go.

The Wool-life is good.

— Beth Brown-Reinsel

Dive into the historical technique of the gansey with
Gansey Style Accessories!