Furls Crochet Wild Wednesday: Your Zebrawood Hook Awaits!

18th Century British Cabinet Makers fell in love with this wood.

Zebrawood was first recorded in the British Customs returns for 1773, when 180 pieces of Zebrawood were imported from what is now Nicaragua for its incredible color and striping.

It was so different from anything British woodworkers had ever seen before that it became an immediate hit. And it’s only increased in popularity.

Hermes chose this wood to line their store in Paris. Now, we’ve chosen this wood for your crocheting pleasure.

It’s color is incredible. It’s striping is erratic. This crochet hook is like none other (we only made 131)!

Crochet better with a limited edition Zebrawood hook from Furls. We back every hook with a $500 hand health warranty and guarantee that this hook will make you crochet faster, more evenly, and more enjoyably.

Protect your hands from repetitive motion wear-and-tear by using the most ergonomic hooks on the market.


Jacqueline S. from Bell, Florida!
We so appreciate your participation and hope you enjoy
the beautiful zebrawood hook that is on its way!