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Why do you love knitting? Probably for all the same reasons we do. The click of the needles, the feel of yarn, the triumph of the finished project, but most of all—the patterns. Knitters love the accessories, the knitted socks (which we plan on making two of, most of the time), for the sumptuous sweaters and everything in-between. These collections feature some of the top patterns ever published, and with over 200 free knitting patterns, tutorials and techniques to pick from, there’s sure to be the right one for you. We hope they inspire your knitting as much as they do ours!

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Interweave knitting patterns are absolutely perfect for needle lovers at all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never so much as held a knitting needle, these knitted patterns and knitting instructions will help you learn this beloved craft from the ground up. Of course, we’ve also got ample knitting patterns for advanced and expert knitters, with plenty of new stitches and tutorials that’ll keep things interesting for many more years of knitting adventures.

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