Fiber Nation Podcast Show Notes: From Russia with Love

Before I met Galina Khmeleva in person, I expected a wise and kindly grandmother type. I got, instead, a tough businesswoman with a sharp tongue, strong opinions, and a hugely generous heart. Galina, who grew up in Stalinist Russia, lives today in Fort Collins, Colorado in what looks like Hansel and Gretel’s cottage.

Prior to creating Fiber Nation, our team created a video workshop on the Orenburg Warm Shawl. I got to know Galina and understand her devotion to Orenburg lace and the women who knit it. Take a look at this great bio video that depicts her true character and passion, and you too will want to knit in the same tradition.

Listen to our full Fiber Nation podcast episode on Galina here.

Meet Galina Khmeleva

Take Galina’s Orenburg Shawl Online Workshop

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An Orenburg warm shawl.

An Orenburg warm shawl.


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