Crochet Mittens, Gloves, and Mitts, Oh My!

The first snowflakes of winter caught me by surprise this year. First, those flakes flew in the fall not winter, and second, rather than a few flakes, we got inches of snow. I think I need a few more crochet mittens and crochet gloves for this coming winter. And I love crochet mitts for typing on the computer or crocheting on especially chilly days. Add those to the list!

Crochet Mittens

crochet mittens

Snuggly crochet mittens clockwise from top left: Cedar Mittens, Venturesome Mittens, School Colors Mittens, and Mischa Mittens.

If you are looking for warmth, I love crochet mittens. Because your fingers are enclosed together, they stay warmer, and if you use a wool yarn, you’ll stay toasty warm. The Mischa Mittens are designed for extra warmth with pencil roving crocheted into the inside. And I love the tapestry crochet design! Crochet mittens are a great option for showing off interesting crochet techniques. The School Colors Mittens allow you to show your school spirit in any color combo you like. The Cedar Mittens achieve a cool textured design with puff stitches and the Venturesome Mittens are a brilliant way to try crochet cables. There are so many crochet patterns to choose from!

crochet mitts

Versatile crochet mitts: Orchard Mitts and Tulip Gauntlets.

Crochet Mitts

Crochet mitts are a great warm and fashionable option! I have an entire collection of crochet mitts, and I am ready to add more. It’s amazing how successful they are at keeping you warm and are perfect for work on the computer or at the office. They are also great for an evening of crochet or a chilly afternoon out with friends. And crochet designers love mitts as well. You can see that in the fashionable variety of patterns available. The Tulip Gauntlets allow you to play with colors and are very fashion forward. I have probably made four pairs of Orchard Mitts already. They are my go to office wear, and they make amazing quick gifts.

Crochet Gloves

crochet gloves

Warm crochet gloves: Hudson Gloves and Ripple Gloves.

If you need a little bit more dexterity than mittens but more warmth than mitts, crochet gloves are a great option. And one of my favorite things about crocheting my own gloves is that I can easily adjust the pattern for a perfect fit. Shorten or lengthen the fingers, adjust the palm size, or add extra length to the cuffs. You can try the gloves on as you are crocheting them for a perfect custom fit. Both the Hudson Gloves and the Ripple Gloves easy to customize and provide a great canvas to show off your yarn or to embellish with motifs or embroidery.

Whether you have already seen your first snowstorm, are a little chilly in the office, or are planning out winter gifts, we have a gorgeous collection of crochet mitten, glove, and mitt patterns just for you. Tell us which pair you are making first in the comments!

Happy crocheting,

Crochet gloves, mittens and mitts to stay cozy warm this winter!

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