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Do you love historical knitting traditions? Want to learn classic techniques for modern designs? Are you interested in designing your own inspired garments?

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What’s Inside Your FREE 5 Gansey Cast-ons eBook?

Every new knitting project starts with a cast-on and gansey knitting has some unconventional options when starting to stitch. In this handy reference guide, Beth shows you step-by-step how to work five common gansey cast-ons with full color photos. Once you cast-on, any gansey project is possible!

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Gansey Knitting 101

Join author Beth Brown-Reinsel as she shares the basics of what goes into knitting traditional gansey sweaters.

Lesson 1 – HISTORY, FORM & CONSTRUCTION – Dip your toe into the history of gansey knitting and discover Beth’s tips for successful finished sweaters. Learn the unique components of a gansey sweater from the welt to the underarm gussets.

Lesson 2 – FROM THE BOTTOM UP – Follow along as Beth shares more of the gansey knitting process. Learn the differences between each cast-on method, ribs and welts,
and how to make the lower body of your gansey unique to you!

Lesson 3 – MOTIFS – Explore the rich variations from sweater to sweater that can be achieved with basic knit and purl stitches. Plus learn the difference between Aran sweaters and ganseys.

Lesson 4 – HEAD & SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST – Ganseys have several options for shoulder and neckline treatments. Beth shares her favorites and more as well as info on working sleeves.