A Change in Our Crochet Family

Toni Rexroat modeling the Sage Jacket by Dora Ohrenstein.

Me modeling the Sage Jacket by Dora Ohrenstein and being generally silly.

It’s hard to leave, but leaving is never truly goodbye. Tuesday November 15, 2016 will be my last day talking to you as the online editor at Crochet Me. But I will always be a passionate crocheter, so I will simply be joining you as an enthusiastic Interweave Crochet lover.

I first walked through the front doors at Interweave 10 years ago a nervous and recent college graduate thrilled to enter the world of publishing and ecstatic that I would be able to work with those who shared my love of crochet and all things yarn. I had no idea what an amazing adventure I was starting.

There have always been Interweave magazines in my house, and after I graduated, I began checking their careers page. I couldn’t believe it when I was hired as the PieceWork Assistant Editor.

Cross stitch on Tunisian Crochet bag. Love the crochet fox.

The Fox Traveling Bag by Toni Rexroat

Thus began my love of the Weldon’s vintage crochet patterns. I was even given the opportunity to design a few crochet patterns inspired by their sparse vintage directions. And I learned that a British single crochet and an American single crochet were not the same stitch. The Fox Traveling Bag, inspired by a Weldon’s traveling blanket, introduced me to cross-stitch on Tunisian Simple Stitch—a technique I look forward to exploring further.

PieceWork also introduced me to photo shoots. In my mind they were glamorous events with numerous assistants, dazzling models, and “artistic” photographers. Nope! The photographers were fabulous and funny, I was the lone assistant and gopher, and while we did hire models who were not only beautiful but some of the friendliest and warmest people I know, I also found myself being pushed in front of the camera lens.


PieceWork January/February 2007 with my hands on the cover.

I will never forget one particular issue of PieceWork with its striking mitten cover. My Dad commented that the mittens looked too big for the hands wearing them. My mom commented, “Those are your daughter’s hands.” (My hands are indeed childsized.) I want to say a special thank you to PieceWork’s long-time editor Jeanne Hutchins for being an amazing first boss and great friend.

When Interweave Crochet began coming out four times a year, I jumped at the chance to transition to their assistant editor. My first photo shoot was at a beach house in northern California. They even let me sneak out for an hour to visit the chilly autumn waves.

This Tunisian crochet tunic has beautiful stitch patterns.

The Spice Market Tunic by Sheryl Means—one of my all-time favorite Tunisian crochet projects.

Interweave Crochet and you its readers afforded me the opportunity to learn so many new crochet stitches. I first learned to Tunisian crochet so that I could create photo and video tutorials to help you try your hook at the addicting technique. Many times in those first few years I sat with my crochet hook and yarn frantically trying to master a new stitch or technique ahead of your question. I am a better crocheter because of you. This desire to always learn the newest crochet stitch or technique means I also have an ever growing pile of WIPs. And my queue grew to increasingly impossible lengths with each new issue.

But it is being your editor on Crochet Me that I will miss the most. Through my twice weekly newsletters I was able to share what excited me about crochet and the new project I was working on. On Facebook and Pinterest we shared images of projects that inspired us and patterns we were working on. Your stories of how crochet has healed you and gotten you through difficult times have inspired me.

Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

My free crochet pumpkin pattern perfect for Thanksgiving. My thank you to you.

In the last ten years I have grown up from a tentative new college graduate to a confident woman, and I thank you for that gift. Now it is time for me to move out of the Interweave house and on my own again. This will give you the chance to hear from the magazine editors more, and I am excited for that opportunity. They are an incredibly intelligent and creative bunch. And I will definitely be coming home to visit. A crochet family is never separated.

Best wishes,


P.S. You can find me on Ravelry as trex. I may take a short vacation, but I would love to keep in touch.