“Contrary to popular belief, warping a loom back to front isn’t any easier on your warp threads than warping front to back–unless you wind with two crosses! Use this method with very fine, sticky, or highly-twisted warp yarns. This method is least stressful on the warp fibers because the threads are separated by only the raddle pegs as they are wound on the warp beam. No lease sticks are used during beaming. Although the warp threads don’t go on the beam in their exact threaded order, warp tension is enough to separate and align the threads.” —Madelyn van der Hoogt, “Ask Madelyn” contributor.

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Ask Madelyn: Twisting Threads

HELP! I’m warping for a rep-weave runner using 10/2 pearl cotton at 60 epi, 5 ends/dent in a 12-dent reed. Never having woven rep before, I had no idea how difficult this was going to be. I’ve sleyed the reed and threaded the heddles. The problem is that the threads are twisting between the reed and the heddles […]

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Pay Attention When Warping a Loom

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed my recent lists of crazy things I’ve done in the name of weaving. The whole thing started when I was going to write down a few strange things I’ve done or have happened to me and ended up with a list of 27. Looking over that list, […]

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Broken Warp Threads Throughout Weaving

Broken warp threads at the edges aren’t usually a problem for me. When they do occur, I understand that the breakage is probably due to draw-in and resulting friction from the reed, so I adjust to prevent breakage by using a temple and allowing enough weft slack. However, when broken threads occur in the middle […]

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I enjoy weaving on rigid-heddle looms and shaft looms. I especially like direct warping a rigid-heddle loom; It’s so easy and intuitive! Although I don’t mind winding a warp on a warping board and then beaming, threading, and sleying that warp on a shaft loom, I’ll do just about anything to avoid all of those […]

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Ask Madelyn: How to Rethread Mid-Warp

Here’s my challenge: I have warped my loom with a 7-shaft point-twill threading to weave towels. I don’t like the results, so I’ve decided to rethread my loom to weave a different pattern. So, my question is: How do you unthread and rethread a loom that is already dressed without totally tangling the warp threads? […]

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Warping Stripes With a Paddle

Hi Madelyn I am planning a project that has regularly repeating stripes in the warp. There are three colors. and their order repeats after every 7 ends. What is the most efficient way to wind this warp? Mavis Hi Mavis! The most efficient way to warp a repeating stripe sequence of not very many ends […]

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