Having problems with setts? You’ve come to the right place! “Determining the right sett is sometimes tricky. There are many variables, so rules of thumb are only starting points. The starting point for a doubleweave would be to sett the cloth at twice the sett for a single layer. However, many other variables apply. For a sturdy table runner with a plain-weave base in 10/2 pearl cotton, for example, the recommended sett might be 48 ends per inch (twice the single-layer sett of 24 ends per inch). However, if you have a light-weight loom or a table loom or you are weaving a very wide piece, you may not be able to beat hard enough to achieve 48 picks per inch. In that case, you would open the sett to 40 ends and picks per inch.” —Madelyn van der Hoogt, author of the famous blog, “Ask Madelyn”.

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