How exciting! You’re ready to dye your own yarn! How do you get started? What materials do you use? What fibers work best? You have come to the right place. We have answers to these questions and lots of helpful tips, tricks, and hacks for all of your dyeing needs!

We have gathered together a wide range of resources on dyeing yarn for you here. Enjoy articles from Interweave editors past and present, along with insightful posts from Spin Off, Handwoven, Love of Knitting, and many more. Get tips from the pros like Kate Larson, Roving Reporter. Learn more about Solar Dyeing from Caitlin ffrench. Find tips in “Closet Full of Sheep” by Deb Gerish, who shares her successes and failures with us so that we can learn from her experience. Be sure to check out the free eBook for the ins and outs of natural dyes, with black walnuts, and making a solar oven that dyes.

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