Colorwork is one of the most exciting, challenging, and fun techniques in knitting. —Kathleen Cubley, Exploring Color Knitting: 7 FREE Patterns using Intarsia, Stranded Knitting, and Fair Isle Knitting Technique

Explore the many different articles we have gathered for you here! Kyle Kunnecke has a series of courses on stranded knitting. Kyle teaches all the basics, including sections on color theory and color dominance. You’ll also love his Modern Colorwork Cowl course! Kathleen Cubley explains intarsia, or “picture knitting,” a technique used to create basic geometric shapes or intricate pictures in a knitted piece. Faina Goberstein and Simona Merchant-Dest offer great tips on slip-stitch patterns. Also, be sure to check out the fabulous modern designs created by Jesie Ostermiller!

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