Colorwork is one of the most exciting, challenging, and fun techniques in knitting. —Kathleen Cubley, Exploring Color Knitting: 7 FREE Patterns using Intarsia, Stranded Knitting, and Fair Isle Knitting Technique

Explore the many different articles we have gathered for you here! Kyle Kunnecke has a series of courses on stranded knitting. Kyle teaches all the basics, including sections on color theory and color dominance. You’ll also love his Modern Colorwork Cowl course! Kathleen Cubley explains intarsia, or “picture knitting,” a technique used to create basic geometric shapes or intricate pictures in a knitted piece. Faina Goberstein and Simona Merchant-Dest offer great tips on slip-stitch patterns. Also, be sure to check out the fabulous modern designs created by Jesie Ostermiller!

Discover all of the many tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials we have here, then stop by the Interweave shop for even more knitting resources including videos, kits, books, ebooks, and magazines!

Color Play: Intarsia Without Fear

Knitters use intarsia to “paint” with stitches. Projects can range from intricate portraits to bold geometrics to distinctive plaids and florals to simple color blocks. Although the graphic elements appear to be stamped on the fabric, the patterns are knitted in as you go. Unlike stranded knitting, intarsia does not have yarn floats across the […]

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Color Play: Slip Sliding Away

In knitscene Summer 2017, we discussed simple stripes, the easiest way to add color to a knitted fabric. Let’s build on that theme and add a new technique to our stripe knitting: slip stitches! Consider what happens when only a few stitches are worked per row, with the intermediary stitches merely slipped from the left […]

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Intarsia in the Round: The Cube Socks

The Cube Socks from knitscene Summer 2018 are fun and funky socks that use a set of mini-skeins and intarsia to create blocks of color. Intarsia is a method for working blocks of color without carrying the unused color(s) across the back of the work (as you would for stranded knitting). With intarsia, you can […]

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Latvian knitter Ieva Ozolina is on a mission to get everyone knitting mittens, with her new book of Latvian mitten patterns, Knit Like a Latvian. Mittens play a hugely important role in Latvia’s culture and history. Mittens were given as wedding gifts and the act of making mittens for special occasions still continues today. Traditionally, […]

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When Steek Happens

If you have done Fair Isle knitting, or worked a stranded knitting project, or just know someone who has, you’ve probably heard of this thing called a steek. Steeks are terrifying monsters, all claws and sharp teeth and dripping jaws, and they feed on the screams of hapless knitters. Actually, steeks are none of those […]

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I personally take in every Interweave submission, carrying the piles from the mail drop-off to my desk, cataloging, and showing each one of them to the editor. I see a lot of swatches. Sometimes, when a particularly exciting swatch comes through, I swivel around in my chair to half-shout at Laura, our project editor, to […]

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