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Stone Setting

Open up an entire new world of color and light by adding gemstones to your jewelry designs. Learn how to set gems, which setting to use when, and how to build your own custom setting for a unique stone. You can even set a stone atop another stone.

Head straight to bezels, the go-to setting for cabochon gems, with Lexi Erickson. Or study setting in depth with Ann Cahoon. Her introduction to gemstone setting video starts with a prong setting so you can see what’s going on, then progresses to flush and bezel settings. From there let her show you how to set fancy shaped faceted stones: oval, one-point pear, two-point marquise, and four-point square, each building on the one before.

Explore 100+ favorite gemstones with Sharon Elaine Thompson and discover each one’s special appeal and needs.

You can also browse through all of our stone-setting and other technique, workshops and projects in the Interweave Shop to learn essential skills, find expert tips, and truly inspiring designs. And start your journey to stone-setting mastery below!