Peyote Stitch

The peyote stitch is usually one of the first things a new beader learns. Flat peyote patterns are a favorite of both beginner and experienced beaders for the beautiful designs and colors used in them, and how to peyote stitch beading is considered to be a form of quiet, mindful meditation for many beaders throughout the world. It can be used to create sculptural beadwork as well as beaded jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and sculptural peyote techniques are used to create three-dimensional works of art. It’s no wonder that beaders everywhere love to create jewelry from peyote bead patterns!

Here, you will find resources on this popular technique, along with tips, tricks, and hacks. Download our 7 Must-Know Peyote Beading Stitches free infographic and our free patterns here! Before you go, check out the Interweave store for great videos, kits, books, ebooks, and magazines on popular beading topics!