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Welcome to the Interweave Career site! As you may know, Interweave provides the highest quality content to the community that we serve and we do it in a variety of ways. We have eight core values to which we all subscribe and we feel it is important for you, as a new applicant, to understand what they are:

1. Inspire passion.
2. Make it fun.
3. Be we before me.
4. Communicate clearly, respectfully and honestly.
5. Teach each other and good things will happen.
6. That’s so crazy it just might work!
7. Settle only for the exceptional.
8. Do what’s right.

What you will find at our core is that we are a company of art and craft enthusiasts that creates best in market products to educate, inspire and connect our audience. At Interweave, we feel that it is necessary to nurture a culture that lives up to the quality of our products. At meetings, don’t be surprised if you find Interweavers knitting, beading, crocheting, stitching, sketching, or just doing something with their hands. In the break room you may find a more experienced Interweaver teaching novices how to knit a scarf or create a beautiful bracelet. Around the office you will be surrounded by talented people in every area of the business with a focus on providing best-in-class products and service to everyone they encounter.

With our vision to teach, inspire and connect the world’s creative community you can imagine the level of commitment of Interweavers. Our work is both challenging and rewarding, and it allows for plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. To further assist in the journey we offer:

  • Health Insurance (medical, dental, and vision)
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Fun Company Events and Activities

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