Beadwork Magazine June/July 2018 Lookbook

The June/July 2018 issue of Beadwork celebrates all that’s new in the beading world. Learn about the hottest new stitch, Peyote with a Twist. Discover new shaped beads, new bead colors, new jewelry components and findings, and Swarovski’s new products. And of course find a variety new beading projects to love!

It’s not every day that something new comes along. However, 2018 has brought enough new beading things our way that you might start to think there really is something to celebrate every day.

One of the hottest new bead-related items to note is actually a stitch: Peyote with a Twist. I learned about this stitch through Facebook and have been fortunate to be part of the “Peyote with a Twist — Not Crochet” group from just about the beginning. I’ve enjoyed being part of the enthusiasm surrounding this stitch and seeing how beaders are celebrating their success in learning the stitch, as well as celebrating Gerlinde Lenz, the woman behind the genius of this stitch.

Are you curious about Peyote with a Twist — Not Crochet? Check out June/July 2018 Beadwork to learn all about it. Who is Gerlinde Lenz? Learn a bit about her in the issue as well. Many thanks to Gerlinde for sharing her stitch and for giving us all something to celebrate!

What else is new? During the gem and jewelry shows in Tucson, we were treated to a host of new things: new shaped beads, including the DiamonDuo Mini from Bead Master, CzechMates diamonds by Starman, and the Quarter Tila bead from Miyuki; new seed bead colors by Toho and Miyuki; new collections from TierraCast and Nunn Design; and let’s not overlook the new Spring/Summer 2019 Innovation and Trends launch from Swarovski, because who doesn’t need more bling in their life! Learn more about many of these products in the Cool Stuff and Bead Buzz sections of the June/July 2018 issue.

Also find lots of new designs by your favorite designers (and maybe some designers who are new to you). Check out Carole Ohl’s easy Russian spiral rope; I love ropes but especially Carol’s patterns and color choices. Another fun rope is Marianna Zukowsky’s Ombré Cellini Necklace. There are also seven new Fast & Fabulous designs, all made with a flair for the romantic. Be inspired by one (or more!) of the gorgeous designs inside and make something new today!

Sneak a peek at the designs in the Beadwork magazine June/July 2018 Lookbook, then get your copy of the magazine to discover all that’s new in the beading world.

Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine

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