Beadwork October/November 2018

Let Beadwork magazine guide you on your next beading adventure! Enjoy bead weaving patterns, expert tips and tricks, inspiration and more as you advance your beading skills. Beadwork comes out every two months, with plenty of in-depth information and guides on how to take your beading skills to the next level. Each issue of our leading bead magazine is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest new bead weaving and bead making guides, so it’s a wonderful resource for longtime beaders and newbies alike.

Beadwork magazine projects are perfect for helping crafters at all levels find the best new ideas for their skill set and personal style. Enjoy tons of wonderful necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, pins, home décor and more that helps you showcase your beaded work. It’s all available in every single issue of Beadwork, which you can get delivered to your door six times a year or soak up through back issues and digital downloads. Check out the current issue to see all that Beadwork has to offer!

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