Yarn Hack: Alternate Skeins for Even Coloring

Do you like working with hand-dyed variegated yarn? Many times, skeins in the same colorway can look slightly different and unique from the next. This can cause some sections of your knitting to be lighter or darker, if you are working a project in more than one skein of hand-dyed variegated yarn. How can you avoid this? Check out this new Interweave Yarn Hack!

The yarn in the video is Manos del Uruguay Clara in the Hortensia colorway. It’s clear that it’s the same color, but Skein A (on the left) is a tad darker than Skein B. If you were to knit the Celebration Shawl from knitscene Winter 2016 (available in a different colorway in this kit!), for which this yarn is called, and you knit with skein at a time, you’d have an entire section of the shawl that is darker and another section that is lighter. I don’t know about you, but that would bug me! So, instead of knitting with one skein and then the next, etc., you can alternate which skein you are using as you go!

Knit the first row or two with Skein A, and then incorporate Skein B. Knit two rows with Skein B and then switch back to A. You want to switch after every two rows (or four, for less switching) so that you are switching on the same side of the piece every time. Alternating skeins allows for the lighter and darker tones to be incorporated evenly throughout your project, and prevents unwanted color pooling.

Knitscene Spring 2017 is filled with projects for variegated yarns. Try out the Red Clay Top by Joan Forgione with Manos del Uruguay Fino, or the Ironwood Shawl by Laura Reinbach with Madelinetosh Tosh Sock. If the skeins you pick up look slightly different, never fear! Just alternate those skeins!

What’s your favorite variegated yarn to knit with?


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