Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration: Online Workshops Provide a Window Into Artistic Minds

Taking a class in jewelry making is exciting for many reasons. Not only is it a chance to learn new techniques to incorporate into our own work, but it’s also an invitation into the instructor’s personal world of inspiration, mistakes, and successes.

ABOVE: Online workshops get you into the minds of your favorite artists – any time, day or night!

Interweave’s online workshop subscription provides a fascinating window into so many artists’ creative processes. With up-close shots of exactly how to execute jewelry techniques, you’ll gain the confidence you need to start experimenting yourself. Beyond that, you might learn to use a tool or a material in a way you never thought of before, or gain a new perspective from a story shared by an artist.

Christi Friesen’s ability to find beauty in the unexpected? Check.

What failure means to Darlene Armstrong? Check.

How Richard Sweetman ended up with a three-foot long fork in his studio? Check.

Personally, I love the little tidbits, inspiring anecdotes, and helpful tips that our artists scatter throughout their workshops. Presented here is a small collection of some of these gems. Click on each card to see the face behind the words.

To have all these smiling faces available to teach you at the drop of a hat, why not subscribe to Interweave’s online workshops? For just $9.99 a month, you’ll have access to dozens of streaming jewelry-making and beading videos, complete with discussion boards, interactive activities, and downloadable materials lists, tips, and more.

Invite these artists and more into your home when you subscribe to online workshops!

Invite these artists and more into your home when you subscribe to online workshops!

Join today to inundate yourself with inspiring stories, new ideas, and cutting-edge techniques to take your jewelry skills to the next level.

Go be creative!

— Tamara Kula
Producer, Bead & Jewelry Group

Surround yourself with inspiration in online jewelry classes!

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