Your Handweaving Legacy

Handwoven pillow by a member of Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild      
Handwoven pillow with surface embellishment  

Structure, pattern, and pure whimsey by

membersof a household textiles study group

at Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild.


I had a wonderful opportunity this month to attend a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild. It was like coming home, to be present for the end-of-the-year meeting, to see the year's work from study groups, the fashion show, the handoff of leadership from one president and board to the next. Like the rhythms of weaving, our guilds mark the life cycles of our community, where we come together to serve one another as volunteers, learners, teachers, friends.

The program started on the topic of trends in weaving, then turned to trends in weavers and our legacy to the next generation. It's a subject that we care passionately about. We stand on the shoulders of giants: Mary Meigs Atwater, Mary Black, Harriet Tidball, and countless other weavers, writers, occupational therapists, and teachers of the last century who contributed to a renaissance of handweaving in the last century. Now, as one Rocky Mountain guild member so eloquently said, "We are the gatekeepers" and we need to figure out how to welcome and support a new generation of young weavers that is like us and yet different. They value experience over achievement. They are looking for discovery and meaning, and they grew up in a digital community that connects them to the whole world, pixels-to-pixels but not necessarily face-to-face.

The legacy we bequeath to these weavers is in our hands. . . in your hands. You can help choose how we welcome the next generation. Maybe you'll demonstrate at a a public event, or maybe you'll be a "greeter" on a guild Facebook page or mentor through an online forum. You will also choose what knowledge carries forward by the projects you weave, the workshops you attend, the products you buy, the study groups you join, the projects you share at guild show-and-tell, or perhaps by contributing your weaving and knowledge to Handwoven.

So here's one more chance to help choose what carries forward. Take three minutes to answer our 3-question Reader's Choice survey and tell us what kinds of weaving projects you like and what you want more of. Your answers will help guide the content of Handwoven, eBooks, videos, books, and other future weaving products, and we'll also share the results on Weaving Today to help guilds and other groups in their planning. It can be one more small part of your weaving legacy.

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