Yak It Up!

If you go and look at the video postcards from Convergence, you'll see a brief, but cordial greeting from Eileen and Carl Coop at Bijou Basin. These lovely people escaped after decades in high tech, moved to a 70-acre ranch, Carl became a vet tech, and now they raise yaks and supply lovely yarns to grace our fiber creations (or just fondle in our stashes).

A great Denver Post article and video on them provide a wealth of information on yak-ranching. For example, how do you comb a yak? Very carefully, of course. What do you do when you go on vacation? Hire a yak-sitter, apparently. And my favorite quote from Carl, about how he named George the yak, son of their bull, Jet. "I named him George, so he'd be 'George, Jet's son,' like George Jetson. After that, my wife wouldn't let me name any more calves."

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