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Dear Madelyn,

In a recent Ask Madelyn, you pointed out that the majority of woven baby blankets appearing as Handwoven projects are woven in 8/2 cotton. You mentioned that 8/2 cotton can have a matte finish after repeated washings. I wanted to share with you and your readers that an overshot baby blanket I wove four years ago lives next door. After many washings, it is still in good shape. The warp and tabby weft are 8/2 cotton (organic Venne cotton from the Lone Star Loom Room); the pattern weft is 3/2 pearl cotton; the sett was 15 ends per inch (a bit open, but it allowed the yarn to bloom during the first washing). Venne cotton comes in beautiful colors, is strong, and washes beautifully. My granddaughter loves it.


Hi Susie!

Thank you so much for this information; the blanket looks as if it were woven yesterday!

In that same Ask Madelyn column about yarns for baby blankets, I noted that Lily’s Sugar ’n Cream was used for two Handwoven baby blanket projects. A reader asked which projects these were. Since others might want to know, they were:

  • Dixie Thai. “Buttercup Baby Blanket.” September/October 1994, pages 40 and 83.
  • Joanne George. “Plaid Baby Blanket.” March/April 1992, pages 65 and 88.
  • And Susie’s baby blanket used Handwoven project instructions (in different colors) from: Lynne Greaves. “Color Blanket for a Baby.”May/June 1993, pages 67 and 89–90.
Woven Baby Blankets by Susie Hodges

Woven baby blanket by Susie Hodges


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Pictured: Starry Sky Placemats by Judit Ozoray Handwoven Sept/Oct 2016

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