10 Amazing World Records in Fiber Arts

BeWeave It or not, fiber artists are always accomplishing incredible tasks. You might’ve already known that, but you probably aren’t aware of some of the more off-the-wall world records involving fiber arts and textiles. From the Guinness World Records website, I’ve pulled some of the most interesting and impressive fiber arts feats.

1. Longest Knitted Scarf: Individual

The world record for the longest scarf knitted by an individual belongs to Helge Johansen of Oslo, Norway. The 14,978 foot, 6.16 inch-long scarf took 30 years to complete and is as long as 41.5professional American football fields.

2. Longest Scarf Knitted While Running a Marathon

I’m impressed by people who knit and people who run marathons. Those who do both of those things at the same time? Incredible. David Babcock of Kansas City, Missouri, holds the world record for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon: he finished the race in 5 hours, 48 minutes, 27 seconds while knitting a 12 foot, 1.75-inch scarf.

Many amazing fiber artists hold Guinness World Records. Photo by Vitold Muratov/Wikimedia Commons.

Many amazing fiber artists hold Guinness World Records. Photo by Vitold Muratov/Wikimedia Commons.

3. Longest Woven Rug in the World

More than 400 women in Borneo, Malaysia, currently hold the world record for the longest woven rug at 3,701 feet, 8.0686 inches. The women wove the rug to represent the culture and tradition of their indigenous tribe, Orang Ulu. The rug is longer than the tallest waterfall in the world, which is 3,212-foot Angel Falls in Venezuela.

4. Widest Loom

Johannes Cichon created the widest loom at Jürgens GmbH & Co. in Emsdetten, Germany: it is 108.75 feet wide.

5. Most People Knitting Simultaneously

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes organized an event in London in which 3,083 people knitted at the same time in one location.

6. Largest Knitted Hat

If you know someone with a head that’s 38 times the circumference of the average human head (I really hope you don’t), this hat would be the perfect fit! Industrais Textiles de Sudamerica in Peru created the world’s largest knitted hat at 66 feet, 3.2 inches in diameter and 56 feet, 10.6 inches tall.

7. Largest Knitting Needles

And if you know someone with extremely large hands, these 13 foot, ¼ inch-long knitting needles are just for them! Jim Bolin created these needles, which were presented and measured in Casey, Illinois. And they work, too! Jeanette Huisinga knitted a square of ten stitches by ten rows with these gigantic things.

8. Fastest Crocheter

I love crochet because it can be so quick, but never have I seen it this quick: Lisa Gentry crocheted 5,118 stitches in 30 minutes in Monroe, Louisiana.

9. Largest Crochet Blanket

Inmates from 30 correctional centers in South Africa made the world’s largest crochet blanket. The 185,016-square-foot piece was created by 1,500 people for 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, organized by the Department of Correctional Services and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

10. Most Needles Threaded Blindfolded in One Minute

As a beginner embroiderer, threading needles is the absolute bane of my existence. It takes me about five tries per minute without a blindfold. I aspire to someday be Wan Fuquan from China, who threaded 44 needles while blindfolded in one minute on the set of a TV show in Rome.

These are amazing feats, but I’m just thankful us regular fiber artists can have plenty of fun as well! But who knows? Maybe one of us can be the next fiber-arts world record holder!


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